Take the old and build the new!

(reference to construction for mines in Botswana)

The VDDB approach to old signed-off contracts is not one of “sign and file in the archives” but rather one of “use the actual facts to assist future contracts“.

Following the agreement and finalisation on 9 different civil contracts in Jwaneng, Botswana over a period of 2,5 years the following pointers and lessons are to be learned:

  • Preliminary and General on average, as a percentage varies between 30% and 35% of value of measured work and between 20% and 25% of the final contract value.
  • Contract Variations Requests (CVR) (some projects refer to Site Variation Requests (SVR)) on average, as a percentage, varies between 6,5% and 7,5% of value of original measured work and between 4,5% and 5,5% of the final contract value.
  • A professional approach should be maintained between all parties involved, to secure a trustworthy environment, which will facilitate the final account agreement.
  • The importance of a successful Tender Document and sufficient Bill of Quantities should never be under estimated, if a manageable contract is desired.

The 9 contracts used in this study represents a variety of sectors in the civil industry:

  • Terrace infrastructure
  • Piling
  • Miscellaneous concrete works
  • Earthworks, roads and evaporation dams
  • Linings, epoxy and acid proofing
  • Slide concrete towers of up to 90m high
  • Structural steel installations
  • Sheeting and cladding
  • Multiple concrete structures
  • Building work
  • Gabions and gunite protection
  • Pipelines
  • Fencing

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The concept of analytical quantity surveying is one of numerous enhanced services where traditional skills are merged with information management tooling to provide strongly enhanced project services in a fast world which is keen for optimisation.

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